international conference

international conference


electrical engineering :

Power, electronics, control and instrumentation, telecommunications, medical engineering, robotics, mechatronics-electronics power-dynamics power systems-insulation and high-pressure-electrical machines-industrial electronics-posts-compensation devices-production, distribution and Energy Transmission, Semiconductor Devices - Linear and Nonlinear Controls - Robotics - Process Controls - System Identification - System Modeling - Intelligent Control and Optimal Control - Precision Medical Instruments - Biometric and Biometric Measurements - Imaging and Processing Medical Images - Signal Processing Vital - Medical equipment and standards and approvals of the same devices Organizing - Biological systems modeling methods - Rehabilitation and clinical engineering - Information and communication systems Remote health and medical care - Coding and encryption and network security - Signal processing (audio and video) - Satellite telecommunication - Mobile telecommunication - Telecommunications and optical equipment - Fields, waves and microwave noise in satellite images - Transmission and reception of information - Analog and digital integrated linear systems and circuits - Semi-racing devices - Nanoelectronics and light emitters - Digital signal processing

mechanical engineering :

Engineering of Facilities, Solid Mechanics, Dynamics, Vibration and Control, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Combustion, Biomechanics, Micro and Nanomechanics, Design and Construction, Composites and Composites, Mechanical Structures, Manufacturing and Manufacturing and Advanced Technologies , Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Refinery Mechanics, Agricultural Machinery Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Automotive Industry, Marine and Rail Transportation Industries, Aerospace Industries, Nuclear Engineering and Mechatronics, New Industrial Development Achievements (Creativity, Industrial production)

Computer Engineering and Information Technology Collection:

Software, hardware, computer networks, information systems management, artificial intelligence, databases) - Information technology - Software engineering and computer science - Intelligent systems and soft computing - Computer architectures and digital systems

Energy Engineering:

Renewable energies: oil, gas, coal, and so on.

Renewable energies: wind energy, water, waves, geothermal, biomass, solar, nuclear, hydrogen energy and fuel cell and .

Civil Engineering:

Transport and Traffic, New Technologies in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development, Safety, Crisis Management and Passive Defense, Water Resources Engineering, Hydraulic and Marine Structures, Sustainable Architecture, New Technologies and Technologies in Architecture, New Energy In architecture, architectural stylistics, sustainable architecture and intelligent buildings, architecture, climate change and how energy is consumed

Aerospace engineering complex:

Aerodynamics, propulsion, Flight and Control Dynamics, Space Engineering, Flying Structures, Flight Mechanics

 Industrial Engineering Complex:

Production planning and control - Quality planning and control - Project planning and control - Logistics and supply chain management - Decision and forecasting models - Planning and inventory control, warehousing and transportation models - Reliability and maintenance management - Designing industrial systems - Optimization and application of research models in operations-application of meta-innovative methods, data mining, and artificial intelligence tools-engineering of human factors, safety, and industrial hygiene-value engineering-health engineering-industrial mining

Chemical Engineering Complex:

Process design, thermoset, catalyst, isolation, control, nano, refining industry, petrochemical industry, gas industry, polymer engineering, food industry engineering, cellulose industries engineering, chemical engineering industry, engineering design of oil industry processes, biotechnology engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, Environmental Health Engineering, Engineering Hydrocarbon Tanks, Biotechnology, Nuclear Engineering Flight

Petroleum Engineering Complex:

Tanks, exploration, exploitation of oil tanks, drilling

 Metallurgy Engineering Complex:

Metallurgy, Nanomaterials, Biomaterials, Recognition and selection of engineering materials, Ceramics, Metal forming, Casting, Welding, Metal extraction, Protection and corrosion, Engineering of materials, Engineering level

Mining Engineering Complex:

Peugeot, Exploration, Preparation, Extraction, Processing, Reconstruction

 Agriculture Engineering Complex:

Agricultural mechanization, water resources, agriculture and plant breeding, horticulture, plant health, soil science, agricultural promotion and education, animal science

 Energy efficient management:

Management and Optimization of Energy Consumption in Different Industries - Teaching Energy Consciousness, Economics and Energy Resources Management

New technologies for production, transmission and distribution of energy, the need for security and sustainability of energy, energy systems, new approaches and approaches to sustainable energy, energy and environmental management

Management, Economics and Accounting:

Public Management - Quality Management, Productivity and Organizational Excellence - Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Production Management, Process and Operations - Economic Development, Production and Financial Management - System Management and Information Technology, Modern - Strategic Management - Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior - Industrial Management - Technology Management, Research and Development - Market Management - Future Studies Management - Project Management - Microeconomics - Macroeconomics - Economics - Economic Growth - Economic Systems - Development Economics - Agricultural Economics - Economic Planning - Urban Economics - Energy Economics - Financial Management - Investment - Organizational Behavior - Behavioral Sciences in Management - Mobah New in Accounting - Ethics in Accounting and Auditing - Management Accounting and Price Decreased Price - Identification, Valuation, Measurement and Accounting of Intellectual Capital - Capital Market, Transparency and Accounting - Accounting, Financial Management and Investment - Accounting and Information Technology


Fuzzy theory - Pointless topology - Algebraic algebraic structures - Mathematical and financial mathematics - Biological sciences - Operational research and optimization - Statistics and probability